You need 16 / 20 correct answers (80 %) to pass the exam.

  1. Lufthansa is the biggest dutch airline.

  2. What is the wake turbulence seperation identifier for a Boeing 747-8?

  3. Germanwings (GWI) is not operated by LH Virtual Group.

  4. A flight is scheduled with an Airbus A319. You only have an A320 installed in your simulator. What do you do?

  5. What is the correct IFR phraseology?

  6. What is the correct IFR phraseology?

  7. When being a member of LH Virtual Group you have to make at least 1 flight per 7 days.

  8. 240 KIAS is a typical V1 speed.

  9. The minimum Runway Visual Range (RVR) for CAT I landings is 550 m.

  10. PIREPs with landing rates greater than -600 ft/min will be rejected automatically.

  11. Are you allowed to fly the B747-400 as First Officer rank (CAT1)?

  12. The flaps increase the lift.

  13. What is the transponder code for an emergency?

  14. What is the transition altitude in entire Germany?

  15. Austrian and SWISS are part of the OneWorld Alliance.

  16. Austrian Airlines also belongs to the Air France KLM Group.

  17. Eurowings is located at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport.

  18. Lufthansa currently operates the Boeing 737-300.

  19. What is the minimum Runway Visual Range (RVR) for CAT IIIA landings?

  20. What is the appropriate squawk code for unlawful aircraft interference?