§ 1 - Introduction
(1) LH Virtual Group is a virtual airline internet community.
(2) The membership and registration is free of charge. We are a non-profit-organization.

§ 2 - Membership
(1) After registration you hold an account at https://crewnet.lh-virtual-group.com.
(2) On your request, your account can be deleted at any time. For account deletion you need to contact the staff department.

§ 3 - Requirements
(1) At the time of registration, you must have achieved the age of 14 years.
(2) You need to speak and write the English language properly.

§ 4 - Activity
(1) Members need to file a pilot report via the ACARS software once per 90 days. If not, your account will be set to inactive.
(2) Inactive accounts will not be removed. To be set to active again, you need to contact the staff department.

§ 5 - Transfer hours
(1) You can transfer up to 1000 hours from online networks VATSIM & IVAO.
(2) You can transfer up to 500 hours from another virtual airline.
(3) Maximum amount of transfer hours is 1000.

§ 6 - Ranking system
(1) Pilots start as First Officer.
(2) At 200 flight hours you become Senior First Officer.
(3) At 600 flight hours you become Captain.
(4) At 1200 flight hours you become Check Captain.
(5) All pilots can fly all aircrafts in consideration of § 7b.

§ 7a - Pilot deviation
(1) Users who cheat on the acars time-mangement by setting the simulation rate to e.g. 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x or 32x perform a pilot deviation.
(2) Users who cheat on the acars tracking-mangement by replacing their aircraft at a different place on the map perform a pilot deviation.
(3) Users who cheat on increasing or decreasing fuel amount during flight perform a pilot deviation.
(4) Pilot deviation will lead to a PIREP (pilot report) rejection.
(5) PIREPs with landing rates greater than -700 ft/min will be rejected.
(6) If bad weather is the reason for an exceed of the landing rate, you have the possibility to attach the METAR at your destination airport to the ACARS Log (Comments Section).
(7) Any form of glorification of violence, sexism, racism, insults, calls for violence or criminal offenses, or other discrimination result in the immediate deletion of the user account.

§ 7b - Aircraft Change
(1) It is prohibited to replace wide body types with narrow body types or the other way.
(2) It is not allowed to substitute aircraft from different airlines. Substitution is only permitted to all aircraft operated by the airlines according to § 7e.
(3) Narrow body types are CRJ900, E190, E290, E195, E295, A220-100/300, A319-100, A320-200, A320neo, A321-100/200, A321neo.
(4) Wide body types are A330-200/300, A340-300/600, A350, A380, B777-200/300ER, B767, B747-400/8, MD11.

§ 7c - Pilot Reports (PIREPs)
(1) If the simulator crashes before landing, users can file a simulator-crash-report via CrewBase.
(2) Simulator-crash-reports are only acceptable if the simulator crashes after reaching cruising altitude.
(3) Simulator-crash-reports cannot be filed, if users forgot to start their ACARS.

§ 7d - Supported Airlines
(1) We operate the following ICAO airlines:

§ 7e - Supported aircraft
(1) DLH operates: CRJ9/E190/A319/A320/A321/A330/A340/A350/B747.
(2) GEC operates: B777F/MD11F.
(3) EWG operates: A319/A320/B738.
(4) OCN operates: A320/A330.
(5) SWR operates: E290/A220/A320/A321/A330/A340/B777.
(6) EDW operates: A320/A340
(7) AUA operates: E195/A319/A320/A321/B767/B777
(8) BEL operates: A319/A320/A330
(9) DLA operates: E190
(10) BOX operates: B777F
(11) SXS operates: B737/B38M

§ 8 - Entrance Exam
(1) It is mandatory to pass the entrance exam on the next page.

§ 9 - I agree
(1) By signing up via the following button, you agree and accept the regulations of LH Virtual Group.